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Former Chairman and CEO, Google & Alphabet ERIC SCHMIDT

Vox: Google’s former CEO hopes the coronavirus makes people more “grateful” for Big Tech

“Think about what your life would be like in America without Amazon, for example. The benefit of these corporations — which we love to malign — in terms of the ability to communicate ... the ability to get information, is profound — and I hope people will remember that when this thing is finally over,” Schmidt said on a livestream to the Economic Club of New York. “So let’s be a little bit grateful that these companies got the capital, did the investment, built the tools that we’re using now and have really helped us out. Imagine having the same reality of this pandemic without these tools.”

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Former Chairman of Google Eric Schmidt

ECNY: Hosting Conference Call

Conversation with Eric Schmidt as he discuses the technological response to COVID-19 and how the tools and solutions of today could provide a digital infrastructure that will outlast this crisis.

Dr. Siddhartha Mukherjee, Physician, Oncologist and Author

ECNY: hosting conference call event

Dr. Mukherjee's most recent article in The New Yorker: How Does the Coronavirus Behave Inside a Patient? (March 26, 2020)

Dr. Mukherjee conference call with ECNY Chair Marie Josée Kravis about the behavior of the coronavirus and implications for flattening the curve.


Yahoo News: US$2 trillion package a ‘good start’ but economic recovery relies on coronavirus containment, US economist says

“Success in controlling growth [of] the disease and, ultimately, putting it behind us is going to be the single most important determinant of the economic consequences of the Covid episode,” said Larry Summers, former US Treasury secretary, at a virtual event hosted by the Economic Club of New York.

Summers applauded the efforts by the Federal Reserve, Congress and the executive branch to pass legislation to stabilise the economy.

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Baron's: Dow Futures Are Up as Gains for Oil Lift Energy Stocks

What happens here is ultimately going to be determined by the disease and the success in containing the spread of the disease,” former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers said at an Economic Club of New York video meeting on Wednesday. “No matter how voluminous the fiscal policy if people cannot leave their houses...there is going to be a very substantial limit on what the [economic output] can be.”

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Lawrence H. Summers and R. Glenn Hubbard

ECNY: hosting virtual event

Two of America's leading economists, Lawrence H. Summers and R. Glenn Hubbard, speaking on the economic implications of the COVID19 virus.

New York Stock Exchange President Stacey Cunningham

ECNY: hosting virtual event

Special conference call with NYSE President Stacey Cunningham. Discussing recent market events in light of the COVID-19 health crisis. With Moderator Marie-Josée Kravis, Chair of The Economic Club of New York and Senior Fellow, The Hudson Institute


Yahoo Finance: Markets will stay open despite 'unprecedented anxiety' over coronavirus

"All of the conversation that I have had with other exchanges, with our regulators, with our government. No one is suggesting that they’re even considering closing the markets,” said Stacey Cunningham during a conference call on Thursday hosted by the Economic Club of New York."

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CNBC: Citadel turns 2020 profit after spotting virus risk early

On Feb. 6, Griffin called the coronavirus “probably the most concrete short-run risk we see in the financial markets globally” during an appearance at The Economic Club of New York.

"It’s not a Chinese health crisis. It is a global health crisis,” he said.

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Online Event with Dr. Scott Gottlieb

ECNY: Hosting Conference Call

An interview of Dr. Scott Gottlieb, Resident Fellow at American Enterprise Institute and 23rd Commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration, by Becky Quick, Squawk Box Co-Anchor, CNBC

Maverick Capital Managing Partner Lee S. Ainslie III

Bloomberg Quint: Maverick Capital’s Ainslie Calls Out ‘Generation of Greed’

Hedge fund industry titan Lee Ainslie said this may go down as “the generation of greed.”

“We’re operating with a 5% budget deficit, with a robust economy and full employment,” the head of Maverick Capital said at the Economic Club of New York on Monday. “We’re already $70,000 per man, woman and child in debt and growing that by $3,000 to $4,000 a year -- and what we’ve done to the environment.”

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Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas President and CEO Robert Kaplan

WSJ: Fed’s Kaplan Warns Central Bank Actions Are Driving Up Risk Taking

Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas leader Robert Kaplan said Wednesday central bank actions, most notably its injections of liquidity into financial markets, are boosting investors’ risk taking, adding he would like to find a way soon to pare back the expansion of the Fed’s balance sheet.

“Many market participants believe that growth in the Fed balance sheet is supportive of higher valuations and risk assets,” Mr. Kaplan told reporters after an appearance at the Economic Club of New York. When it comes to worries Fed actions are driving up stocks, he said “I’m sympathetic to that concern” and added “I think it’s wise to acknowledge it and be cognizant of that concern as we think about our next actions.”

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Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi

CNBC: Uber CEO: This is the subject young people should study in college, no matter their career goals

Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi has a recommendation for graduating high school seniors on what to study in college.

“Go study CIS [computer information systems] and engineering,” Khosrowshahi, 50, said at the Economic Club in New York City on Wednesday.

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Cigna President and CEO David Cordani

Bloomberg: Cigna CEO Says Health Insurer Is Open to More Acquisitions

Cigna Corp. is open to making more acquisitions, Chief Executive Officer David Cordani said, almost a year after the health insurer bought drug-benefit manager Express Scripts.

An expected $8 billion in free cash flow in 2020 should give Cigna “strategic optionality,” Cordani said in an interview with Bloomberg TV’s David Westin at the Economic Club of New York on Wednesday.

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Walt Disney Chairman and CEO Robert A. Iger

Yahoo! Finance: Bob Iger on why Disney+ is key to the 'mass migration' away from TV

During a late October interview with Diane Sawyer at the Economic Club of New York, Iger highlighted the “mass migration” and “steady march” away from traditional, linear television toward on-demand and digital platforms available on any device.

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Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse

FXStreet.com: Brad Garlinghouse: Ripple is Solving a $20 Trillion Problem

While speaking at The Economic Club of New York in Manhattan, Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse spoke out against Swift and called Ripple a better alternative. Garlinghouse stated that banks don’t like Swift and felt that Ripple is solving a real problem at scale.

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Banco Santander Executive Chairman Ana Botin

FOX BUSINESS: Santander Executive Chairman: Not selling US business

During a wide-ranging exclusive interview with Maria Bartiromo, Banco Santander Executive Chairman Ana Botin said the financial services company isn't selling its U.S. subsidiary. (VIDEO)


Boeing Chairman, President, and CEO Dennis Muilenburg

Yahoo! Finance: Boeing CEO: 'We are working with regulators on safety' (video)

Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg delivered remarks at Economic Club of New York on the airline industry and Boeing. Yahoo Finance's Adam Shapiro, Julie Hyman, Emily McCormick and Bethany McLean, Vanity Fair Contributing Editor and Making a Killing Host, discussed.

Aviation Today:  Boeing CEO Targets Fourth Quarter 737 MAX Return to Service 

While the ultimate decision on when the grounded fleet of 737 MAX aircraft can return to service relies on the approval of individual civil aviation regulators, during a speech at the Economic Club of New York Wednesday Oct. 2, Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg said the company is expecting the grounding to be lifted in the fourth quarter of 2019.

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Blackstone Chairman, CEO, and Co-Founder Stephen Schwarzman

Bloomberg: Schwarzman Says WeWork Valuation Puzzling

Steve Schwarzman said he was puzzled by the high valuation of WeWork, comparing it to a similar company that Blackstone Group Inc. owned that was “worth a few billion dollars.”

Hearing about WeWork’s pre-initial public offering value, Schwarzman said: “I sort of went, what? How do you get this? It doesn’t seem right to me given what they’re doing,” adding that he hasn’t studied WeWork. He didn’t name the company Blackstone owned.

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SEC Chairman Jay Clayton

CNBC: Regular Investors Are Cut out of a Major Financial Market and the SEC Chief Wants to Change That

The head of the SEC says more needs to be done to make it easier for companies to go public and that his office is taking a “fresh look” at allowing Main Street investors access to the private capital markets.

In a speech to the Economic Club of New York on Monday, SEC Chairman Jay Clayton said the lack of more IPOs and the inability of most of the Main Street investing public to access private markets was a “growing concern.”

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Bloomberg Law: Corporate Debt Surge Being Watched by Regulators, SEC Chief Says

The head of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission said his agency and other regulators are keeping taps on emerging risks in the fast-growing corporate debt market, highlighting assets that could he susceptible to liquidity shocks.

Years of low-interest rates and pressure on banks to hold less corporate debt has pushed more of it into investment funds, SEC Chairman Jay Clayton said in prepared remarks at the Economic Club of New York on Sept. 9. The trend isn’t surprising, he said, but the shift away from the regulated banking system has made it more difficult for government watchdogs to monitor...

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ThinkAdvisor: SEC's Clayton Still Troubled by Potential Manipulation of Bitcoin Prices

Don’t hold your breath for the Securities and Exchange Commission to approve a Bitcoin ETF, or any other cryptocurrency ETF, anytime soon. SEC Chairman Jay Clayton said as much at an appearance Monday before the Economic Club of New York.

In the brief Q&A session that followed a speech, Clayton said, “When you put it [Bitcoin] into a product and make it a security, then we have to worry about whether it trades appropriately or not and whether it can be held appropriately or not. … It troubles me that people look at the trading on these venues and think it has the same level of protection that you have in the equity market in the U.S., on Nasdaq and NYSE. Nothing could be further than the truth.”

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