ECNY 2022 Women in Business Report
Accelerating gender parity in the workplace and addressing long-standing barriers women continue to face are just some of the topics covered in our 2022 Women in Business Forum. Falguni Nayar (Nykaa) and Ruth Porat (Alphabet, Inc.) were our keynote speakers as we partnered with the Consulate Generals of Canada and France for the fourth year. Access our report featuring key highlights and trends below.
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ECNY 2021 Racial Equity Report

Published on March 1, 2022: The Economic Club of New York along with its DEI corporate partners, Bloomberg, BlackRock, MasterCard, PayPal, S&P Global, M&T Bank/Wilmington Trust and Taconic Capital, published a summary report highlighting key takeaways from our successful Focus on Racial Equity Series. It includes key challenges in racial equity and describes specific, concrete actions business leaders can take to be part of the solution to these challenges. Also included are links to videos of our live events from the Series, as well as links to thought-provoking materials, from a variety of third party sources, for use in supporting further constructive conversations.
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ECNY 2020 Racial Equity Report

Click here for our 2020 Racial Equity Report featuring video links and resources