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The Economic Club of New York’s membership is curated from the senior executives and leaders in New York City Metro Area. Members are committed to the ideals of respectful and thoughtful conversation and have demonstrated leadership in their field of work. The Club offers two categories of membership - full membership and associate membership. 
Full Membership Criteria
Members are chosen from senior leaders, typically C-Suite, who have distinguished themselves in the areas of finance, technology, law, government, academia, healthcare, real estate and other economic sectors. This membership class requires proposal from two current members in good standing.
Membership Dues
The Club's annual membership dues are $1,100. A one-time initiation fee of $1,100 is also required of new members upon their acceptance by the Membership Committee.

Associate Membership Criteria
The Economic Club of New York offers a new five (5) year term membership for individuals 45 years of age or under that are in a mid-level or above leadership position with approximately seven (7) years professional experience, demonstrating upward mobility and a successful track record. This Membership class facilitates deeper familiarity with the Club, networking opportunities and the ability to attend Club member events. Associate Members are encouraged to attend a minimum of three (3) Club events annually. Associate Members are only required to have one (1) current member proposer in good standing and go through the same membership process as the Full Membership class. After the five (5) year term, Associate Members may apply for Full Membership but there is no guarantee of admission.

Membership Dues

This five (5) year term membership annual dues are $770, with a one-time initiation fee of $775.

Membership Application Procedures for All Memberships

  1. Proposers: To be considered for membership, two current members must propose the nomination of an individual.
  2. Application and Biographical Statement: Candidate must complete an application and submit along with a current biographical statement.
  3. Confirmation of Support:  Each Proposer must supply confirmation of their support via email or letter to The Economic Club of New York.
  4. Committee Selection: The ECNY Membership Committee convenes monthly to review and select candidates for membership.