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Founded in 1907 by J.W. Beatson with the mission of facilitating thoughtful discussion and debates on the issues of the day, over the past 100 years, the Club has acted as the prominent forum for the pivotal debates of the age.
During the 1910s, the club hosted speakers regarding the hotly debated topic of a U.S. income tax and the movement for women’s suffrage. The 1920s were a time of discussion on post WWI Europe, free speech, and the role of business as a source of good in the community. During the 1930s, our speakers gave voice to the events in Europe and America’s role in what would become World War II. In the 1940s, the future of Europe’s economy and the continuation of America’s prosperity were debated. The economic impact of the Atomic Age of the 1950s, the societal changes and the space race of the 1960s, the energy crisis of the 1970s were all discussed from our dais.
The Club has also had the honor of hosting presidents of the United States, including: Woodrow Wilson, William H. Taft, Herbert Hoover, Dwight D. Eisenhower, John F. Kennedy, Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, and George H.W. Bush.
International heads of state such as Winston Churchill, Mikhail Gorbachev, Indira Ghandi, Margaret Thatcher, Yitzak Rabin, Corizon Aquino, and Zhu Rongji have addressed our members.
It is more than likely that you will find our past speakers in history books or as authors of books, papers, and op-ed that illuminated, challenged, and pushed history forward.



Chairs of the Club

1907-1909 A. Barton Hepburn 1909-1910 Francis Lynde Stetson
1910-1912 John G. Milburn 1912-1914 James Speyer
1914-1916 William R. Wilcox 1916-1918 Frank A. Vanderlip
1918-1920 Henry Morgenthau 1920-1922 George W. Wickersham
1922-1924 William Church Osborn 1924-1926 Howard Elliott
1926-1928 Walker D. Hines 1928-1930 Nathan L. Miller
1930-1932 Samuel McRoberts 1932-1934 Thomas J. Watson
1934-1936 James P. Warburg 1936-1938 Paul D. Cravath
1938-1940 Wendell L. Willkie 1940-1942 David Sarnoff
1942-1944 Winthrop W. Aldrich 1944-1946 Thomas I. Parkinson
1946-1948 Theodore M. Riehle 1948-1950 Alfred P. Sloan, Jr.
1950-1952 Juan T. Trippe 1952-1954 Austin S. Igleheart
1954-1956 H.E. Humphreys, Jr. 1956-1957 William L. Kleitz
1958-1959 Roy T. Hurley 1959-1961 Herbert B. Woodman
1961-1963 Kenneth C. Royall 1963-1964 Arthur K. Watson
1964-1965 Monroe E. Spaght 1965-1966 Alfred Hayes
1966-1967 Norman H. Strouse 1967-1968 William M. Batten
1968-1969 Jesse Werner 1969-1970 Gavin K. MacBain
1970-1971 Robert V. Roosa 1971-1972 Augustine R. Marusi
1972-1974 George R. Vila 1974-1975 Charles C. Tillinghast, Jr.
1975-1976 J. Paul Lyet 1976-1977 James W. Davant
1977-1979 Francis J. Dunleavy 1979-1981 Edmund T. Pratt, Jr.
1981-1983 Peter G. Peterson 1983-1985 F. Ross Johnson
1985-1987 Dwayne O. Andreas 1987-1990 Rand V. Araskog
1990-1992 Richard A. Voell 1992-1994 Donald B. Marron
1994-1996 John M. Hennessy 1996-2000 William J. McDonough
2000-2002 Richard A. Grasso 2003-2007 Barbara Hackman Franklin
2007-2010 R. Glenn Hubbard 2010-2012 Andrew H. Tisch
2012-2014 Roger W. Ferguson, Jr. 2014-2016 William C. Dudley 
2016-2018 Terry J. Lundgren 2018-2020 Marie-Josée Kravis