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37th Meeting of the club

Dr. Charles R. Van Hise, President, University of Wisconsin
Mr. Elisha Lee, Chairman, National Conference Committee of the Railways
Mr. Austin Bruce Garretson, President, Order of Railway Conductors of America

Should the Right to Strike of Public Service Employees be Regulated by Law

36th Meeting of the club

Hon. Paul M. Warburg, Member of Federal Reserve Board
Hon. W. Morgan Shuster, Formerly Treasury-General of Persia
General Manager of the Century Company
Prof. Edwin R. A. Seligman, Professor, Columbia University
Dr. William Edmund Aughinbaugh, Chair, of Foreign Trade, New York University
Author, "Selling Latin America"
Mr. Howard E. Coffin, Chairman, Committee on Industrial Preparedness of the Naval Consulting Board of the United States

New Opportunities for American Commerce and Industry

35th Meeting of the club

Hon. Edmund J. James, President, University of Illinois
Hon. Henry Morgenthau, U.S. Ambassador to Turkey
Hon. Ben Lindsey, Judge, Children's Court, Denver Colorado
Hon. L.B. Hanna, Governor of North Dakota
Prof. A. Lawrence Lowell, President, Harvard University
Major-General Leonard Wood, Commander, Department of the East, U.S. Army

A National Economic Program

34th Meeting of the club

Hon. David Jayne Hill, Former U.S. Ambassador to Berlin
Oswald Garrison Villard, President, The New York Evening Post
Prof. Albert Bushnell Hart, Professor, Harvard University
Mr. Ralph Norman Angell, Author of "The Great Illusion", "The World's Highway"

Guest of Honor: Admiral Robert E. Peary, U.S, Navy, Polar Explorer

National Defense

33rd Meeting of the club

Hon. Elihu Root, President of the Constitutional Convention of the State of New York
Hon. William Church Osborne, Chairman, Democratic State Committee
Hon. James W. Wadsworth Jr., U.S. Senator from New York
Hon. Martin W. Littleton, Congressman from New York

1915 Edward Douglas

Vice President, Simmons Hardware Company

The Outlook for Prosperity

1914 Bernhard Dernburg

Former Secretary of State of the Colonies, Germany

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Volume IV

Season 1913-1914 Meetings

24th Meeting of the club

Fourth Dinner of the Season 1912-1913

Mr. Frederick A. Delano, President, Wabash Railroad
Mr. Austin Bruce Garretson, President, Order of Railway Conductors of America
Mr. Benjamin Franklin Bush, President, Missouri Pacific Railroad
Prof. William Ripley, Professor of Political Economy, Harvard University

Are the Railroads Fairly Treated?

23rd Meeting of the club

Excellency Count Johann von Bernstoff, Ambassador of Germany to the United States
Hon. William J. Gaynor, Mayor of the City of New York
Hon. Rudolph Blankenburg, Mayor of Philadelphia
Hon. Henry T. Hunt, Mayor of Cincinnati

Efficient City Government

22nd Meeting of the club

Second Dinner of the Season 1912-1913

Mr. William G. Burns, Former officer of the U.S. Secret Service
Mr. A. Leo Weil, President, Voters League
Mr. Fred Kohler, Chief of Police of Cleveland

Problems of Police Administration

21st Meeting of the club

Mr. Louis Dembitz Brandeis, Attorney from Boston
Dr. Charles R. Van Hise, President, University of Wisconsin
Chairman, New York Board of Arbitration
Dr. Talcott Williams, Dean, School of Journalism, Columbia University
Former Editor, Philadelphia Press

The Regulation of Competition Versus The Regulation of Monopoly

---- YEARBOOK ----

Volume III

Season 1912-1913 Meetings

Twentieth Meeting

Fifth Year Anniversary Dinner

Mr. William H. Lincoln, President of the Boston Economic Club
Mr. Henry Clews, Co-founder of the Economic Club of New York
Hon. Woodrow Wilson, Governor of New Jersey

Politics and Business

Nineteenth Meeting

William Allen White, Editor of the Emporia Gazette (Kansas)
Frederick P. Fish, Formerly President American Bell Telephone Company
Lewis J. Johnson, Professor of Engineering, Harvard University
Hon. Theodore E. Burton, Senator from Ohio

The Initiative, Referendum and Recall In Relation To Representative Government

1911 The Honorable William Howard Taft

President of the United States

The Arbitration Treaties

Seventeenth Meeting

Hon. Albert Baird Cummins, Senator from Iowa
Samuel Untermyer, Of The New York Bar
Dr. James R. Day, Chancellor of Syracuse University
Hon. Martin W. Littleton, Member of Congress from New York

Government Regulation of Trusts,
With Special Reference to the Sherman Act

---- YEARBOOK ----

Volume II

Season 1911-1912 Meetings

Sixteenth Meeting

Baron D'estournelles De Constant, Member of the French Senate; President of the Association for International Conciliation
Hamilton Holt, Editor of the Independent
Hudson Maxim, Inventor, Mechanical Engineer, Author
Hon. Samuel J. Elder, Senior Counsel in the Fisheries Arbitration with Great Britain

International Arbitration, Its Economic and Political Aspects

Fifteenth Meeting of the club

Frank B. Gilbreth, Contractor and Builder
James O. Fagan, Railroad Signalman
Author, "Confessions of a Railroad Signalman"
Henry R. Towne, President of the Merchants' Association
Harrington Emerson, Efficiency Engineer; Author of Efficiency, Etc.
James Duncan, Secretary-Treasurer of the Granite Cutters' InterĀ­ National Association
Louis D. Brandeis, Of the Boston Bar

The New Conception of Industrial Efficiency

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