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NBA Commissioner Adam Silver

New York TimesAdam Silver Can See That You Are Angry, and He Is Here for It

If you decide to assemble your N.B.A. hate-tweets into a real-life email to Commissioner Adam Silver, do not be surprised if he writes you back.

Speaking to a gathering of the Economic Club of New York on Tuesday, Silver said that he tries to engage directly with fans angry about his decisions. “Whether people said it online or wrote me letters directly saying ‘I will never be a fan of your game again because you have made that decision,’ my reaction was to try and engage with them,” Silver said.

“People are often surprised to hear back from me. I think the mistake would be in this day and age to say, ‘I know I am right.’ ”

Business Insider: Commissioner Adam Silver is 'very confident' the NBA will hire the first female head coach in major men's professional sports

Silver spoke to MSNBC's Stephanie Ruhle at the Economic Club of New York on Tuesday about his expectation that the NBA will have a woman head coach soon. According to Kevin Draper of the New York Times, Silver hopes that the NBA will become the first major professional men's sports league in the United States to employ a female head coach.

"We are very focused on a woman being a head coach in our league," Silver said, per the New York Times. "I am very confident it is going to happen at some point."