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1951 Walter Judd

Member of Congress from Minnesota

Does China Mean World War III?

1949 John Jewkes

British classical liberal economist

The Experiences of a Planned Society

1949 Eric Johnston

President, Motion Picture Association of America, Inc.

Can the United States Avoid Socialism?

1948 Charles Kettering

Former Vice-President, General Motors Research Corporation

1948 Eugene Holman

President, Standard Oil Company (New Jersey)

Public Responsibility in Business

1947 Alfred Sloan

Chairman of the Board, General Motors Corporation

Preserving and Strengthening the American Economic System

1947 Herman W. Steinkraus

President and Chairman of the Board, Bridgeport Brass Company

Why Not Industrial Peace?

1946 Henning W. Prentis

President, Armstrong Cork Company, Past President, National Association of Manufacturers

America Tomorrow

1943 Alexander Loudon

Ambassador of Netherlands

1942 Alexander Loudon

Minister of The Netherlands

129th Meeting of the club

Hon. Philip P. La Follette, Former Governor of Wisconsin
Maurice G. Hindus, Author, Journalist and lecturer
Samuel Kerkham Ratcliffe, English Journalist and lecturer

Hope for Democracy

128th Meeting of the club

James P. Warburg, Banker, Author, Economist
Former President of ECNY (1934-1936)
John Foster Dulles, Counsel to American Commission at Versailles to Negotiate Peace, (1918-19)
Member of Reparations Commission, (1919)
The Hon. Burton K. Wheeler, U.S. Senator from Montana
Chairman of the Interstate Commerce Committee of the Senate

What Should Our Foreign Policy Be

127th Meeting of the club

Hon. Thurman Arnold, U.S. Assistant Attorney General
Hon. Millard E. Tydings, U.S. Senator of Maryland

How Far Should Government Control Business?

1938 Paul Van Zeeland

Prime Minister of Belgium

The European Situation

125th Meeting of the club

David Cushman Coyle, Consultant to the National Resources Committee, Washington D.C.
The Honorable George E. Sokolsky, Journalist

124th Meeting of the club

James G. McDonald, Editor, New York Times
Alexander F. Kerensky, Russian politician
Stanley High, President, Good Neighbor League
General Hugh S. Johnson, Syndicated newspaper columnist
former administrator of the National Recovery Administration (NRA)
Brigadier General, U.S. Army (retired)

The Outlook for Business

123rd Meeting of the club

George M. Verity, president, American Rolling Mill Company
Homer Martin, President, United Automobile Workers of America
Prof. Oliver M. W. Sprague, President's adviser on economic questions

The Recession - What can be done about it?

122nd Meeting of the club

Lewis W. Douglas, Principal and Vice-Chancellor, McGill University, Montreal, Canada
Former Director of the Budget
Wayne C. Taylor, Assistant Secretary of the Treasury

Balancing the National Budget

121st Meeting of the club

George E. Sokolsky, Contributor to the New York Herald Tribune
Sydney Hillman, Chairman of the Textile Workers' Organizing Committee

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