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39th Meeting of the club

Major General Leonard Wood, U.S.A. Commander of the Department of the East
Dr. John Grier Hibben, President, Princeton University
Dr. Adolph A. Berle, Lawyer, author, and diplomat from Boston
Major General Leonard Wood, Commander of the Department of the East
Prof. Harry A. Garfield, President, Williams College
Dr. Charles F. Aked, Former Minister, Fifth Avenue Baptist Church
Hon. John Purroy Mitchel, Mayor of the City of New York

The Military Obligations of Citizenship

35th Meeting of the club

Hon. Edmund J. James, President, University of Illinois
Hon. Henry Morgenthau, U.S. Ambassador to Turkey
Hon. Ben Lindsey, Judge, Children's Court, Denver Colorado
Hon. L.B. Hanna, Governor of North Dakota
Prof. A. Lawrence Lowell, President, Harvard University
Major-General Leonard Wood, Commander, Department of the East, U.S. Army

A National Economic Program

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