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128th Meeting of the club

James P. Warburg, Banker, Author, Economist
Former President of ECNY (1934-1936)
John Foster Dulles, Counsel to American Commission at Versailles to Negotiate Peace, (1918-19)
Member of Reparations Commission, (1919)
The Hon. Burton K. Wheeler, U.S. Senator from Montana
Chairman of the Interstate Commerce Committee of the Senate

What Should Our Foreign Policy Be

106th Meeting of the club

Hon. Henry T. Rainey, Speaker of the House, U.S. House of Representatives
Hon. Elmer Thomas, Senator from Oklahoma, U.S. Senate
Hon. Frank A. Vanderlip, President, National City Bank
James P. Warburg, Financial adviser at the London World Economic Conference and Vice Chair of the Board, Bank of the Manhattan

Our Country's Economic Strength and How to Preserve it

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