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86th Meeting of the club

Hon. O. H. Caldwell, Commissioner, U.S. Federal Radio Commission
Mr. David Sarnoff, Vice-president and General Manager, Radio Corporation of America
Dr. Walter Damrosch, Director, New York Symphony Orchestra
Mr. John Vincent Lawless Hogan, Member of the Board of Directors, Institute of Radio Engineers (IRE)

The New Age of Radio

84th Meeting of the club

Edward A. Paddock, President, Inter-Mountain Institute
Col. Hugh L. Cooper, Hydro-electric Engineer, US Army Corps of Engineers
Hon. Robert Beecher Howell, Senator from Nebraska, U.S. Senate

Public vs. Private Ownership and Operation of Water Power Resources

83rd Meeting of the club

Hon. Burton K. Wheeler, Senator from Montana, U.S. Senate
Hon. Francis H. Sisson, Businessman, Member of the club
Prof. Samuel Guy Inman, Professor, Columbia University

Our Economic Frontiers to the South

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