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71st Meeting of the club

The Right Honorable Lord Thomson, Brigadier- General, Former Secretary of State for Air of Great Britain
Major General Mason M. Patrick, Chief of the Air Service of the United States Army
Commander Kenneth Whiting, United States Navy
Hon. Will H. Hays, President of the Motion Picture Producers and Distributors of America
Charles L. Lawrance, Vice-President, Wright Aeronautical Corporation
President of the Aeronautical Chamber of Commerce
Captain George W. Steele, Jr., United States Navy

Aerial Navigation - Its Commercial Development and Possibilities

73rd Meeting of the club

The Honorable Ogden L. Mills, Congressman from New York
The Honorable Alfred E. Smith, Governor of New York

Economy and Efficiency in Government

74th Meeting of the club

Hon. Martin Barnaby Madden, Congressman from Chicago
Chairman, Appropriations Committee
Hon. Ogden L. Mills, Congressman from New York
Leading Member, Ways and Means Committee
Prof. Thomas S. Adams, Professor of Political Economy Yale University

Larger Adjustment of Taxation

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