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44th Meeting of the club

Hon. George R. Lunn, Congressman from New York
Mr. John Spargo, Former Member, National Executive Committee of the Socialist Party
Mr. Will Irwin, War Correspondent at the Front
Lt.-Col. Frank S. Evans, D.S.O., Lieutenant Colonel, Royal Artillery

Our Responsibility in the Present War Situation

43rd Meeting of the club

George Creel, Chairman, War Information Bureau
S. K. Ratcliffe, Formerly of Editorial Staff of the "Manchester Guardian"
Mr. Augustus Thomas, Playwright
Dr. Robert Erskine Ely, Founder and Director of the Town Hall League
Founder and Executive Director of the Economic Club of New York
Hon. James M. Beck, The New York Bar

Public Opinion and the War

Feb 1918 Meeting of the club

Major General J. Franklin Bell, U.S.A. Commander, Department of the East
Darwin P. Kingsley, President, New York Life Insurance Company
Prof. Henry Crosby Emery, Guaranty Trust Company
Charles W. Eliot, President-Emeritus, Harvard University

The Victory: Its Responsibilities and Opportunities

42nd Meeting of the club

Mr. Bainbridge Colby, Member of the Recent Commission to Europe
L. E. Sheppard, Senior Vice-President, Order of Railway Conductors
Julius Henry Cohen, Secretary and Counsel to the War Board for the Port of New York
Samuel Gompers, President of the American Federation of Labor

Labor and the War

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