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37th Meeting of the club

Dr. Charles R. Van Hise, President, University of Wisconsin
Mr. Elisha Lee, Chairman, National Conference Committee of the Railways
Mr. Austin Bruce Garretson, President, Order of Railway Conductors of America

Should the Right to Strike of Public Service Employees be Regulated by Law

36th Meeting of the club

Hon. Paul M. Warburg, Member of Federal Reserve Board
Hon. W. Morgan Shuster, Formerly Treasury-General of Persia
General Manager of the Century Company
Prof. Edwin R. A. Seligman, Professor, Columbia University
Dr. William Edmund Aughinbaugh, Chair, of Foreign Trade, New York University
Author, "Selling Latin America"
Mr. Howard E. Coffin, Chairman, Committee on Industrial Preparedness of the Naval Consulting Board of the United States

New Opportunities for American Commerce and Industry

35th Meeting of the club

Hon. Edmund J. James, President, University of Illinois
Hon. Henry Morgenthau, U.S. Ambassador to Turkey
Hon. Ben Lindsey, Judge, Children's Court, Denver Colorado
Hon. L.B. Hanna, Governor of North Dakota
Prof. A. Lawrence Lowell, President, Harvard University
Major-General Leonard Wood, Commander, Department of the East, U.S. Army

A National Economic Program

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