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---- YEARBOOK ----

Volume IV

Season 1913-1914 Meetings

24th Meeting of the club

Fourth Dinner of the Season 1912-1913

Mr. Frederick A. Delano, President, Wabash Railroad
Mr. Austin Bruce Garretson, President, Order of Railway Conductors of America
Mr. Benjamin Franklin Bush, President, Missouri Pacific Railroad
Prof. William Ripley, Professor of Political Economy, Harvard University

Are the Railroads Fairly Treated?

23rd Meeting of the club

Excellency Count Johann von Bernstoff, Ambassador of Germany to the United States
Hon. William J. Gaynor, Mayor of the City of New York
Hon. Rudolph Blankenburg, Mayor of Philadelphia
Hon. Henry T. Hunt, Mayor of Cincinnati

Efficient City Government

22nd Meeting of the club

Second Dinner of the Season 1912-1913

Mr. William G. Burns, Former officer of the U.S. Secret Service
Mr. A. Leo Weil, President, Voters League
Mr. Fred Kohler, Chief of Police of Cleveland

Problems of Police Administration

---- YEARBOOK ----

Volume III

Season 1912-1913 Meetings

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