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1911 The Honorable William Howard Taft

President of the United States

The Arbitration Treaties

Seventeenth Meeting

Hon. Albert Baird Cummins, Senator from Iowa
Samuel Untermyer, Of The New York Bar
Dr. James R. Day, Chancellor of Syracuse University
Hon. Martin W. Littleton, Member of Congress from New York

Government Regulation of Trusts,
With Special Reference to the Sherman Act

---- YEARBOOK ----

Volume II

Season 1911-1912 Meetings

Sixteenth Meeting

Baron D'estournelles De Constant, Member of the French Senate; President of the Association for International Conciliation
Hamilton Holt, Editor of the Independent
Hudson Maxim, Inventor, Mechanical Engineer, Author
Hon. Samuel J. Elder, Senior Counsel in the Fisheries Arbitration with Great Britain

International Arbitration, Its Economic and Political Aspects

Fifteenth Meeting of the club

Frank B. Gilbreth, Contractor and Builder
James O. Fagan, Railroad Signalman
Author, "Confessions of a Railroad Signalman"
Henry R. Towne, President of the Merchants' Association
Harrington Emerson, Efficiency Engineer; Author of Efficiency, Etc.
James Duncan, Secretary-Treasurer of the Granite Cutters' InterĀ­ National Association
Louis D. Brandeis, Of the Boston Bar

The New Conception of Industrial Efficiency

Fourteenth Meeting

Henry Wade Rogers, Dean of the Law School, Yale University
Dr. Louis Livingston Seaman, Major-Surgeon, U. S. Volunteer Engineers
Lieutenant-General Nelson A. Miles, U.S.A., Senior Commanding Officer, U.S. A., From 1895 To 1903
Henry Reuterdahl, Naval Artist and Author
Hon. J. Warren Keifer, Member of Congress from Ohio
Formerly Speaker of the House of Representatives

Should The Panama Canal Be Fortified?

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