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Second Meeting

Hon. William H. Langdon, District Attorney for the City and County Of San Francisco
Hon. Charles A. Prouty, Interstate Commerce Commission, Washington
Rev. Thomas R. Slicer, Pastor All Souls' Church, New York
Hon. Jefferson M. Levy, Formerly Member of Congress from New York
John G. Agar, Of The New York Bar

The Present Federal Policy In Relation To Trusts and Corporations

First Dinner

Greetings from the Economic Club of Boston
Ex-Mayor Josiah Quincy of Boston

Stuyvesant Fish, New York
Joseph French Johnson, Dean of the School Of Commerce and Finance, New York University
Charles A. Conant, Banker, Publicist
Alexander D. Noyes, Financial Editor of the New York Evening Post
Henry Clews, Banker
John Bates Clark, Professor of Political Economy, Columbia University
Francis Lynde Stetson, Of the New York Bar

Is The Over-Capitalization Of Railroads An Evil?

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