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1962 Walter Hallstein

President, The Commission, The European Economic Community

Partnership in The Making: A European Point of View

1962 John Loudon

President, Royal Dutch Petroleum Company
Managing Director, Royal Dutch/Shell Group

Some Problems of Private Enterprise in a Divided World

1962 Vicente Sanchez-Gavito

Ambassador of Mexico
Representative of Mexico to the Council of the Organization of American States

Lesser-Known Goals of Mexican Foreign Policy

1961 Robert Kennedy

Attorney General of the United States

Vigorous Anti-Trust Enforcement Assists Business

Apr 1961 Meeting of the club

His Excellency Louis M. Scheyven, Ambassador of Belgium to the United States
The Honorable Arthur J. Goldberg, Secretary of Labor

Belgium And The Congo

Mar 1961 Meeting of the club

James E. Coyne, Governor of the Bank of Canada

Balance of Payment Problems in North America

David Rockefeller, President, The Chase Manhattan Bank

Gold, The Dollar, And The Free World

1961 Hon. Arthur Motley

President, Chamber of Commerce of the United States

Economic Growth is Not For Sale

1961 Hon. Franz-Josef Strauss

Minister for Defense, Federal Republic of Germany

The Capacity And Capability of The Federal Republic in NATO

Nov 1960 Meeting of the club

Frederick H. Boland, Permanent Representative of Ireland to the U.N.
President of the 15th Session of the U.N. General Assembly
Ambassador Braj Kumar Nehru, Commissioner General For Economic Affairs, India

What Lies Ahead For The United Nations?

1960 Hon. John Lodge

U.S. Ambassador to Spain

Spain in The International Scene

1959 Nikita Khrushchev

Premier of the Soviet Union

1958 Frederick Kappel

President, American Telephone and Telegraph Company

Business Needs Basic Research

Jan 1957 Meeting of the club

Unknown Speaker

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1956 William Knowland

United States Senator from California
Minority Leader of the Senate

1952 Richard Nixon

United States Senator from California

The Issues Before the Voters in 1952

1952 Henry Luce

Editor-in-chief, Time, Life, Fortune

Foreign Policy for the People and by the People

1951 Walter Judd

Member of Congress from Minnesota

Does China Mean World War III?

1949 John Jewkes

British classical liberal economist

The Experiences of a Planned Society

1949 Eric Johnston

President, Motion Picture Association of America, Inc.

Can the United States Avoid Socialism?

1948 Charles Kettering

Former Vice-President, General Motors Research Corporation

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