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68th Meeting of the club

General Lincoln C. Andrews, Enforcement Office of the Prohibition laws
Prof. Irving Fisher, Professor of Economics, Yale University
Dr. Fabian Franklin, Professor and Author
Mr. Wayne B. Wheeler, General Counsel & Legislative Superintendent, Anti-Saloon League
Hon. Phelps Phelps, Assembly of the State of New York

Prohibition – The Next Step

76th Meeting of the club

Marcus Kavanagh, Judge of the Superior Court of Illinois
Emory R. Buckner, United States District Attorney


75th Meeting of the club

Hon. Frank O. Lowden, Governor of Illinois
Hon. L. J. Dickinson, M.C., Representative from Iowa, U.S. House of Representatives
Hon. Berne A. Pyrke, Commissioner of Farms and Markets of the State of New York

The Farmer and the National Welfare

74th Meeting of the club

Hon. Martin Barnaby Madden, Congressman from Chicago
Chairman, Appropriations Committee
Hon. Ogden L. Mills, Congressman from New York
Leading Member, Ways and Means Committee
Prof. Thomas S. Adams, Professor of Political Economy Yale University

Larger Adjustment of Taxation

73rd Meeting of the club

The Honorable Ogden L. Mills, Congressman from New York
The Honorable Alfred E. Smith, Governor of New York

Economy and Efficiency in Government

71st Meeting of the club

The Right Honorable Lord Thomson, Brigadier- General, Former Secretary of State for Air of Great Britain
Major General Mason M. Patrick, Chief of the Air Service of the United States Army
Commander Kenneth Whiting, United States Navy
Hon. Will H. Hays, President of the Motion Picture Producers and Distributors of America
Charles L. Lawrance, Vice-President, Wright Aeronautical Corporation
President of the Aeronautical Chamber of Commerce
Captain George W. Steele, Jr., United States Navy

Aerial Navigation - Its Commercial Development and Possibilities

70th Meeting of the club

Alfred P. Thom, General Counsel, Association of Railway Executives
William N. Doak, Vice President, Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen
Richard H. Aishton, President, American Railway Association
Chairman, Association of Railway Executives
Hon. H. G. Taylor, Commissioner, State Railway of Nebraska

The Future of our Railways and Their Relation to the Government

69th Meeting of the club

Hon. Walker D. Hines, Former Director-General of the Railroads
Dr. Benjamin M. Anderson, Jr., Economist of the Chase National Bank
Dr. H. Parker Willis, Editor of the New York Journal of Commerce
Prof. Harold G. Moulton, Director of the institute of Economics in Washington, and co-author of Germany's Capacity to Pay

The Dawes Report

68th Meeting of the club

Henry R. Curran, Commissioner of Immigration of the Port of New York
Glenn Frank, Editor, Century Magazine
Dr. Antonio Stella, Chairman, Committee of Immigration of the Italian Chamber of Commerce
Hugh Franey, American Federation of Labor
Louis Marshall, Member of the New York Bar

The Immigration Problem

67th Meeting of th eclub

Fred I. Kent, Vice President, The Bankers Trust Company
Hon. Mark Eisner, Collector of Internal Revenue
Prof. Edwin R. Seligman, Professor, Columbia University

The Federal Income Tax

Dec 1923 Meeting of the club

Paul D. Cravath, Esquire, Attorney
Mr. Francis H. Sisson, Vice President, Guaranty Trust Company
Hon. Fridjof Nansen, Representative, Council of the League of Nations

The Economic Outlook in Europe

1923 Lord Robert Cecil

President, League of Nations

64th Meeting of the club

Hon. Pierrepont B. Noyes, Former United states Rhineland Commissioner
Hon. Martin W. Littleton, Lawyer, New York Bar Association
Mr. Herbert Adams Gibbons, Journalist and writer
Dr. Stephen S. Wise, Rabbi and Zionist leader, American Jewish Congress

The Ruhr and Reparations

63rd Meeting of the club

Hon. John Philip Bill, Congressman from Maryland
Dr. Harvey W. Wiley, Director, laboratories of Good Housekeeping Institute
Col. Ransom H. Gillett, Counsel, American Association Against the Prohibition Amendment
Mr. Wayne B. Wheeler, Director, Anti-Saloon League

The Volstead Act and the Enforcement of Prohibition

62nd Meeting of the club

Prof. A. H. Seligman, Professor of Politics and Economy, Columbia University
Hon. Ogden L. Mills, Congressman from New York, U.S. House of Representatives
Hon. Henry Morgenthau, Former President, Economic Club of New York
Hon. Theodore E. Burton, Congressman from Ohio, U.S. House of Representatives

The Balance Sheet of Europe: Reparations and International Debts

61st Meeting of the club

Hon. Randolph Bedford, Member of the legislature, Queensland State, Australia
Mr. Edward A. Filene, Businessman and philanthropist, Filene's department store
Mr. Arthur Nash, President, A. Nash Company of Cincinnati

Strikes and their Prevention

60th Meeting of the club

Mr. Alleyne Ireland, Government Consultant and Author
Mr. John Foster Dulles, Partner in Sullivan & Cromwell, Member of the New York Bar
Prof. Harold G. Moulton, Professor, University of Chicago
Author of "America and the Balance Sheet of Europe"
Mr. Paul D. Cravath, Attorney, Member of the New York Bar

The Genoa Conference

Jan 1922 Meeting of the club

Mr. Francis W. Hirst, Editor, Economist, of London
Mr. John T. Pratt, Attorney and financier
Mr. Lumberjack Sherman Rogers, Unknown
Mr. Clarence W. Barron, President of Dow Jones and de facto manager of The Wall Street Journal

The Better Outlook for Business

May 1921 Meeting of the club

Sir John Foster Fraser, Author of "Red Russia"
Hon. John A. Gade, High Commissioner to the Baltic Provinces
Mr. Jerome Landfield, Adviser to State Department - Russian Division
Hon. Joseph I. France, Senator from Maryland, U.S. Senate

Should the United States Resume Trade Relations with Russia?

Mar 1921 Meeting of the club

Mr. Henry W. Taft, Lawyer, New York Bar
Mr. Lothrop Stoddard, Journalist and author, "The Rising Tide of Color"
Prof. Toyokichi Iyenaga, Director, East and West News Bureau
Mr. Earl S. Parker, Secretary, American League of Justice of California
Hon. James D. Phelan, Former Senator from California

Our Relations with Japan

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