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1932 Winston Churchill

Former British Chancellor of the Exchequer

The World Economic Crisis

98th Meeting of the club

Ogden Mills
Under-Secretary of the Treasury
U.S. Department of the Treasury

97th Meeting of the club

Mr. William P. McCracken Jr., Pan American Airways, former Secretary of Commerce for Aeronautics
Mr. Clarence Henry Haring, Professor, Harvard University
Mr. Edward Tomlinson, Journalist and writer
Mr. John L. Merrill, President, Pan American Association

The Republics of South America in their relations to the United States

96th Meeting of the club

Magnus Alexander, President, National Industrial Conference Board
Mr. William Trufant Foster, Director, Pollak Foundation for Economic Research
Alexander Dana Noyes, Financial Editor, New York Times
Mr. George E. Roberts, Vice-president, National City Bank

Fundamentals of Sustained Prosperity

95th Meeting of the club

Mrs. Vera Micheles Dean, Head of research, Foreign Policy Association
Prof. George S. Counts, Professor, Teachers College, Columbia University
Mr. Matthew Woll, Vice President, American Federation of Labor (AFL)

The Economic Outlook for Russia

94th Meeting of the club

Dr. Hjalmar Schacht, Former President of Reichsbank
Mr. George Gordon Battle, Lawyer, Joint Committee for Unemployment
Mr. James D. Mooney, President, General Motors Export Corp.
Mr. Leonor F. Loree, President, Delaware and Hudson Railroad
Mr. C. E. Hants, General editor of the American Press Association
Mr. Harvey S. Firestone, Jr., Chairman of the board, Firestone Tire and Rubber Co.

The Economic Recovery of Europe and its Relation to this Country

93rd Meeting of the club

Hon. Thomas C. T. Crain, New York County District Attorney
Hon. Richard C. Patterson, New York City Commissioner of Correction
Mr. Lewis E. Lawes, Prison Warden of Sing Sing
Dr. Hastings R. Hart, Prison Authority and President of the National Conference of Charities and Correction

92nd Meeting of the club

The Hon. Dr. Jacob Gould Schurman, Former United States Ambassador to Germany
Mr. Walter Lippmann, Writer, reporter and political commentator
Hon. Ogden L. Mills, U.S. Secretary of Treasury
Hon. Henry Morgenthaus, United States Secretary of the Treasury

90th Meeting of the club

Prof. Richard T. Ely, Professor of Economics, Northwestern University
Dr. Julius Klein, Assistant Secretary, Department of Commerce
Col. Leonard P. Ayres, Vice President, Cleveland Trust Company
Michael H. Cahill, President, Plaza Trust Company
Julius H. Barnes, President, U.S. Chamber of Commerce

89th Meeting of the club

Congressman Emanuel Celler, Member of the House of Representatives
Myron W. Watkins, Professor Scholar and Economist
Edward A. Filene, President and Chairman of the Board, William Filene’s Sons
Paul D. Cravath, Attorney, New York State Bar Association

Is Big Business a Menace?

88th Meeting of the club

Hon. William P. G. Harding, Governor, Federal Reserve Bank of Boston
Dr. Benjamin M. Anderson, Jr., Economist and editor of the Chase Economic Bulletin, Chase National Bank
Hon. Edward C. Stokes, Former Governor, state of New Jersey
Chairman of the Board, Mechanics National Bank
Hon. Louis T. McFadden, Representative from Pennsylvania, U.S. House of Representatives

The Federal Reseve Sytem and the Control of Credit

87th Meeting of the club

Prof. James T. Shotwell, Professor, Columbia University
Mr. Philip W. Wilson, Special contributor to the New York Times
Rear Admiral Thomas P. Magruder, U.S. Navy

War as an instrument of National Policy

86th Meeting of the club

Hon. O. H. Caldwell, Commissioner, U.S. Federal Radio Commission
Mr. David Sarnoff, Vice-president and General Manager, Radio Corporation of America
Dr. Walter Damrosch, Director, New York Symphony Orchestra
Mr. John Vincent Lawless Hogan, Member of the Board of Directors, Institute of Radio Engineers (IRE)

The New Age of Radio

84th Meeting of the club

Edward A. Paddock, President, Inter-Mountain Institute
Col. Hugh L. Cooper, Hydro-electric Engineer, US Army Corps of Engineers
Hon. Robert Beecher Howell, Senator from Nebraska, U.S. Senate

Public vs. Private Ownership and Operation of Water Power Resources

83rd Meeting of the club

Hon. Burton K. Wheeler, Senator from Montana, U.S. Senate
Hon. Francis H. Sisson, Businessman, Member of the club
Prof. Samuel Guy Inman, Professor, Columbia University

Our Economic Frontiers to the South

1927 Howard Elliott

Transportation: It's Importance to the World's Market

1927 Frank Vanderlip

Former President, National City Bank

The Position of United States in the World Market

81st Meeting of the club

Prof. Paul Monroe, Director, International Institute, Teachers' College, Columbia University
Dr. P. W. Kuo, Director, China Institute in America
Dr. Edward H. Hume, President, College Yale in China
Samuel K. Ratcliffe, British lecturer and Journalist

Situation in China

80th Meeting of the club

Mr. Edmond E. Lincoln, Chairman, Transit Committee of the Merchants' Association of New York
Mr. W. J. L. Banham, President, New York Board of Trade and Transportation
Mr. R. W. Higbie, Chairman, Transit Committee of the Queens Chamber of Commerce
Prof. Alexander Haring, President, Bronx Board of Trade
Professor, New York University
Mr. W. Irving Lewis, Secreatry and Manager, Staten Island Chamber of Commerce
Mr. Henry H. Curran, Counsel for the City Club
Mr. J. Irving Walsh, Former President, Real Estate Board of NYC
Mr. William S. Miller, President, Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce
Mr. Stewart Browne, President, United Real Estate Owners Association
Dr. William J. Schieffelin, President, Citizens' Union

The Transit Situation

79th Meeting of the club

Mr. Francis H. Sisson, Vice President, Guaranty Trust Co.
Mr. Hugh Frayne, General Organizer of the American Federation of Labor
Mr. Jesse Isidor Straus, President, R.H. Macy & Co.
Prof. Joseph F. Johnson, Dean of the School of Commerce and Finance, New York University

High Prices in Relation to the Producer and the Consumer

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