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1984 Hon. Jimmy Carter

39th President of the United States (1977-1981)

May 1984 Meeting of the club

The Honorable James B. Hunt, U.S. Governor, State of North Carolina
The Honorable Mario M. Cuomo, U.S. Governor, State of New York

304th Meeting of the club

The Honorable Elizabeth Hanford Dole, U.S. Secretary of Transportation
The Honorable Robert Dole, U.S. Senator
Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee

1984 Hon. Richard M. Nixon

37th President of the United States of America

Sep 1983 Meeting of the club

The Honorable Rainer Gut, Chairman of Credit Suisse
The Honorable Silva Herzog, Finance Minister of Mexico
The Honorable Anthony Solomon, Director of The Economic Club of New York

Jun 1983 Meeting of the club

Ambassador William E. Brock, III, United States Special Trade Representative
Lee Iacocca, President and CEO of Chrysler Corporation

May 1983 Meeting of the club

Robert J. Dole, Chairman, Senate Finance Committee
David Alan Stockman, Director, U.S. Office of Management and Budget

Sep 1982 Meeting of the club

Martin Feldstein, Chairman Designate, Council of Economic Advisors
Sir Geoffrey Howe, Chancellor of the Exchequer, United Kingdom

Apr 1982 Meeting of the club

The Honorable Romuald Spasowski, Poland's Former Ambassador to the United States
The Honorable Alan Greenspan, Chairman, Social Security Reform Commission

1982 Charles Haughey

Taoiseach, (Prime Minister of Ireland)

1981 Caspar Weinberger

United States Secretary of Defense, U.S. Department of Defense

1981 Peter Peterson

Chairman, Lehman Brothers Kuhn Loeb Inc.

The President's Economic Program: The Summer of 1981
The Dangerous Decade of The Eighties

293rd Meeting of the club

The Honorable Jeane J. Kirkpatrick, United States Ambassador to the United Nations
The Honorable Paul A. Volcker, Chairman, Federal Reserve Bank

Mar 1981 Meeting of the club

Reginald H. Jones, Chairman and CEO, General Electric Corporation

Management: A Time For Introspection

The Honorable Daniel Patrick Moynihan, United States Senator, State of New York

Old New Problems

291st Meeting of the club

The Honorable Edmund S. Muskie, United States Secretary of State
The Honorable Sol M. Linowitz, Special Ambassador for Middle East Negotiations

1980 Hon. William Miller

Secretary, United States Department of the Treasury

289th Meeting of the club

The Honorable Benjamin R. Civiletti, United States Attorney General
Arthur Levitt, Jr., Chairman of the Board of Governors
CEO of the American Stock Exchange

288th Meeting of the club

Edward I. Koch, Mayor of New York City
Felix G. Rohatyn, General Partner, Lazard Freres & Company

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