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---- YEARBOOK ----


Volume IV

Containing the Addresses of the Season 1913-1914


Monday, November 10, 1913

Twenty-Fifth Meeting


Hon. Marcus M. Marks
President-Elect of the Borough of Manhattan
Sir George Paish
Editor of The Statist
Dr. Ludwig Fulda
Author and Dramatist, Berlin
Prof. Karl F. Th. Rathgen
Prof. Josef Schumpeter
William M. Acworth
Chairman London United Tramways Co.

Fundamental Question in Banking and Currency Reform, With Special Reference to the Currency Bill


Prof. Joseph French Johnson
Dean of the School of Commerce and Finance, New York University
Hon. Robert L. Owen
Senator from Oklahoma
Chairman of the Senate Committee on Banking and Currency
Hon. Frank A. Vanderlip
Formerly Assistant Secretary of the Treasury
President of the National City Bank
Hon. Carter Glass
Congressman from Virginia
Chairman of the House of Representatives Committee on Banking and Currency

Monday, January 19, 1914

Twenty-Sixth Meeting

Woman Suffrage


Senator Helen Ring Robinson
Member of the Upper House of the Colorado Legislature
Mrs. A. J. George
Field Secretary of the Massachusetts Association Opposed to the Further Extension of Suffrage to Women
Dr. Stephen S. Wise
Rabbi of the Free Synagogue
Hon. Charles S. Fairchild
Formerly President of the State Charities' Aid Association
Secretary of the Treasury in President Cleveland's Cabinet

Thursday, March 5, 1914

Twenty-Seventh Meeting


Colonel George W. Goethals
Chief Engineer of the Panama Canal
Governor-Elect of the Panama Zone

The Commercial Significance of the Panama Canal


Colonel George W. Goethals
Andrew Carnegie
Irving T. Bush
President of the Bush Terminal Company
Dr. Emory R. Johnson
Professor of Transportation and Commerce, University of Pennsylvania
Member U.S. Isthmian Canal Commission, 1899-1904
Dr. Talcott Williams
Director of the School of Journalism, Columbia University

Presentation to Colonel Goethals
of the
Medal of the National Institute of Social Sciences

Hamilton Wright Mabie
President of the Institute

Monday, April 27, 1914

Twenty-Eighth Meeting


Hon. George W. Wickersham
Attorney-General in the Cabinet of President Taft

The Pending Trust Bills


Prof. Jeremiah W. Jenks
New York University
Samuel Untermyer
Of the New York Bar
Charles F. Mathewson
Of the New York Bar
Hon. Atlee Pomerene
Senator from Ohio
Hon. George W. Wickersham

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