ECNY 2023 DEI Mid-Year Report

We believe that advancing progress toward a more equitable future requires ongoing dedication. We are proud to continue to engage in this work in partnership with BlackRock, Bloomberg, MasterCard, PayPal, S&P Global and Taconic Capital in presenting the 2023 Mid-Year Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Report, a culmination of critical takeaways from events dedicated to this important conversation.

The report shares the consensus of four discussions led by some of the world’s brightest leaders on rethinking organizational hierarchies, sustainable progress in the face of uncertainty, and shifting toward a deeper commitment to an equitable workplace. We are honored to share insights from game-changers such as Ursula Burns, Brandon Copeland, Sally Susman, and Dr. Ella Washington.

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ECNY 2022 DEI Summary Report

The Economic Club of New York has now completed a third year of conversations focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion. This series of conversations would not have been possible without the support of our corporate partners: BlackRock, Bloomberg, MasterCard, PayPal, S&P Global and Taconic Capital.

Through these many and varied conversations, the series sought to highlight the structural workings of inequity in business and society. Our speakers see inequity not merely as a concept, but as something deeply braided into the argot of our society. Uniformly, they suggested to address its consequences we must advance efforts to embrace diversity at all levels of society. Some speakers shared about ongoing efforts to diversify their boards and workforce, while others are already seeing demographic trends tending toward visions of genuine inclusivity.


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ECNY 2021 Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Summary Report

The Economic Club of New York along with its DEI corporate partners, Bloomberg, BlackRock, MasterCard, PayPal, S&P Global, M&T Bank/Wilmington Trust and Taconic Capital, published a summary report highlighting key takeaways from our successful Focus on Racial Equity Series. It includes key challenges in racial equity and describes specific, concrete actions business leaders can take to be part of the solution to these challenges. Also included are links to videos of our live events from the Series, as well as links to thought-provoking materials, from a variety of third party sources, for use in supporting further constructive conversations.

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ECNY 2020 Racial Equity Summary Report

The Economic Club of New York, along with our partners, Bloomberg, MasterCard, PayPal, S&P Global and Taconic Capital, launched these curated conversations with our Members during an extraordinary year that brought unprecedented challenges across the board. During these conversations, our Members heard from their peers who related their experiences everywhere from the boardroom to where they live. Members and speakers reminded each other that corporate commitments to diversity have been made before and yet much more needs to be done. They uniformly shared that they must play a larger role in building a more racially equitable nation.

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