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The Club is a distinguished New York institution that is recognized as the foremost nonpartisan speaking forum in the United States. Over the last century the Club has hosted more than 1,000 eminent leaders. Our breakfasts, lunches and occasional dinners are informative and enriching exchanges with world class and highly influential thought leaders from various sectors of the economy. 

The Club promotes no specific agenda but instead provides a structured forum in which leaders from here and abroad can address timely issues of importance before our members and their invited guests.  The Club’s members are among the top business leaders in the nation, interested in vigorous and on-going debate and discussion about issues that keep our nation and hopefully the larger global economy advancing. 

Members are chosen from among those persons, primarily in the senior business ranks, who have demonstrated a particular interest in the purposes of the Club. Members have distinguished themselves in the financial or business community, but also as well in law, government, academe, journalism, and other associated professions. Among the chief objectives sought by the Club in granting membership are quality and balance.

To be considered by the Membership Committee, candidates must be proposed and seconded by Club members. One may be from the same organization as the applicant. In all cases the proposer and the seconder should be from different organizations.

The Club’s membership application may be downloaded from the following PDF file.



Membership Application

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
2017 ECNY Application Form PDF (930.56 KB) Administration 1/3/2017

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ECNY Mission Statement  

The Economic Club of New York is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, nonpolitical organization dedicated to the promotion of the study and discussion of social, economic, and political questions.

For more than a century, the Club has served as the premier public forum for thought leaders of the United States, and the world, to express a diverse set of views and opinions in a free and open environment. By embracing and promoting free expression of diverse views and opinions, the Club effectively acts as a catalyst for innovation in thought and ideas impacting social, economic, and political issues facing society.